Friday, January 6, 2012

The Buddy Bulletin News Hashtag List

The Buddy Bulletin - Main Newspaper for News Worldwide

As stated at the newspaper website the news is aggregated from tweets at Twitter. Anyone can be published in our newspaper line by following simple directions. Your tweets will be broadcast to a wider audience so tweeple can find you, according to what you tweeted about that brought your tweet to the newspaper.

When you tweet, an URL (website or blog address) must be present in the tweet to catch the eye of the robot (program) to consider your tweet for inclusion, on any given day.

The first tweets to be considered for entry are those folks who  follow @SuperEB.  Here is the current list:

1 - Followers of @SuperEB
2 - Tweeple listed @SuperEB/buddybulletin1
3 - Tweeple listed @SuperEB/bbuddy
4 - A private hashtag - sshhh it's a secret!
5 - #bbuddy
6 - #news
7 - #tcot

The order of this list is important in that your tweets will have a higher chance of publication at The Buddy Bulletin if you, you know, follow the leader.

There are currently 10 Buddy Bulletin Newspapers published.  Look around here, the list is on this blog, as well as at the Buddy Bulletin newspaper website list page.

We hope this will help you broadcast your links to a wider audience online. Each newspaper in the line will have a list like this one posted soon.

Today's Edition of The Buddy Bulletin.

Good Luck - Happy Tweeting!

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