Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get More In Your Inbox

A Useletter is like a Newsletter, only better. 

Do you subscribe to dozens of newsletters?  And it's hard to read them all isn't it?  Impossible to keep up with all those individual websites.  Try something different.  

By Eileen Brown - Web Consultant

Social Media - Word of Mouth

Yes, you want recommendations from people, not ads.  So you turn to social media where you meet lots of folks who may use services you need or vise versa.  One way to keep abreast is go to a friends profile and see what they've posted lately as this is more reliable than just viewing your own stream of connections. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more - there are SO many!

Enter the USEletter - my favorite is Rebelmouse

This is of course, "news you can use."  But it is really more.  Take a look at what happens when you can lump together some of your social media accounts; this is my Rebelmouse - Eileen Brown 
What's more, you can follow this account by signing up to receive notices in your inbox.

Eileen Brown - Rebelmouse - Subscribe!
Go ahead, sign up for my Rebelmouse Useletter.  It will be a reminder to see what is happening on social media, marketing online, environment, music, world news and government news (oh yeah and FOOD too).  ( Imma bit ecclectic. ;) )  Many subjects - not just one or two or three.  This is a cross section of all that is interesting and current.  And Rebelmouse pulls that all together for me in one central location. This makes it easy for YOU to keep up with ME. Everywhere.

So when you decide you want more with less clutter in your inbox, try my Useletter.  This will give you a cross section of many different subjects, all in one place, where you might find exactly what you need.

Recommendations from a web consultant and web developer that allows many interests to converge in a single place - at Rebelmouse.  Rebelmouse @SuperEB

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