Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Post Invitation

Do you have a lovely blog that you'd like to broadcast a little further out there?

Depending on the content, we are inviting you to do just that.  We'll list these requests one at a time and this time, the request is for a recipe, cooking and kitchen blog located here:

The Prairieland Food Recipe Blog  ---  http://prairielandfood.wordpress.com/

Requested Article Type: A recipe, cooking, kitchen gadget or food article would be best suited.  No other requests will be considered for this invitation.

  • Include a link to your blog and a one or two line bio, and we will consider your contribution.  
  • The linkback should be to a blog or website only in the recipe, cooking, kitchen gadget or food arena.
  • Your blog should be in the USA to qualify. Even better if you reside in KS, NE or OK, however all US bloggers are welcome to apply.

1 - Reply to this entry with your interest.
2 - Do not include the content of the article.
3 - Do include the linkback URL you intend to include in your article.

After your reply here, we will email you from "buddyservices" with further instructions.

We appreciate your participation in The Buddy Bulletin line of newspapers and when your article is published, it will be tweeted (liked, G+ and more) and aggregated to the appropriate newspaper and broadcast even further.

Thank you, in advance for your attention to this request.

More requests coming soon!

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