Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recipes - Cooking - Food - Your Tweets Aggregated to A Recipe Newspaper

The Buddy Bulletin #Recipe Newspaper aggregates news from YOUR tweets.  It's easy to be included and special attention can be garnered when you subscribe and peruse the paper each day for your news items.

When you subscribe for the daily updates you know when your tweets have been aggregated.  Make new twitter connections by reading the updated version each and every day.

The hashtags to use for this particular newspaper are:


If you consistently tweet these items, and use the hashtags presented here, you may also be added to a special list whereby your tweets will gain first consideration for publication.

View todays edition of the Buddy Bulletin #Recipe Newspaper <<<

Follow @SuperEB and ask to be added to the daily aggregation list!

Good Luck - Happy Tweeting!

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