Monday, January 9, 2012

Archived Newspaper Editions

The Buddy Bulletin Newspaper Edition Archives

Once one of your tweets has been published, it will be archived under the publish date.  It is very easy to retrieve the URL of any edition. And once retrieved you may tweet the edition with your mention again and again, if you so desire. 

There are two methods to achieve this. Go to The Buddy Bulletin, choose "archives" at the top of the page:

You will see the calendar pop up on the screen, as below:

Choose the date of the edition your tweet appeared as news and view the URL of that date:

At this point you can take one of two actions available. 

1 - You can copy the URL to tweet; keep it so you can tweet again at a future time.
2 - You can tweet the URL now by utilizing the tweet button on the selected date:

Very simple, neat and clean - you can keep your published tweet at the forefront of your followers attention. If you schedule your tweets, such as many twitter app websites out there allow, you can use the URL with different text messages each time too. This is true for all the Buddy Bulletin newspaper editions.

Each time you tweet, your new followers will see you are a published tweeter! 

Happy Tweeting!  ;)

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