Monday, November 17, 2014

Biz News Buddy - A Classy News Outlet - #news #bbuddy

By Eileen Brown

With the birth of Biz News Buddy, the combination of The Buddy Bulletin line of 10 newspapers should flourish more than ever.

At many places online, the news has become second or even third in the line of importance as advertising venues have taken over with pop-ups, pop-unders, slider-ads and automatic video plays. Not that ads are not important but they have their place.  That place is not in your face all the frigging time!  

To bring the news back to being news; priority ONE, Biz News Buddy presents press release options and press kit options to help you find a place where your content will SHINE as the primary item on the page.

Biz News Buddy - A Classy News Outlet
Biz News Buddy - A Classy News Outlet
After your press release is published at Biz News Buddy, you may choose option packages (or save money by ordering options at the time of arranging your press release) at the outset or wait and choose options later. The advantage of choosing options at the outset is you save money on those packages.  But, you may want to publish your press release and have the options kick in at a later time; you shall have that option too.

This announcement should be exciting to anyone who wants their news treated like it should be treated - as news and not a sideline to advertisements. 

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